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Greetings From Biratnagar, Week 1!

Over the term of the Corona Virus pandemic we have been working with our partners in Nepal for a new filter factory in Birathagar, Nepal. CDO Nepal already has it’s first filter factory in Kathmandu that is running well and the need for a new location in south east Nepal was necessary. Now that traveling restrictions have been lifted, the timing for Mike and I to go back to Nepal seemed right.

Biratnagar is a large industrial city only 8 klm from the India border. New construction has been going and the filter factory complex is underway! It will initially have 3 buildings for the making of filters, storage of materials and the kilns for firings, as well as a living space for the CDO Nepal family and visitors.

Our first week has been a busy one, starting with a long (10) hr. drive through the mountains to Biratnagar. On the first day at the factory we had 5 clays to test and we are happy that 3 of these clays initially seem to be good clays for making filters. The press is set up and now filters are being made. Soon we will have our first filters fired in our test kiln and tests for flow rates and efficacy can begin. Testing will be continuous the entire time we are here.

We met with a manufacturer yesterday and plans were made to have a new clay mixer made that will help increase production and increase uniformity with all the filters.

So far everything is moving forward in this first week and we are thankful to all our supporters in the US and our friends here at CDO Nepal.

More to come in week 2

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